About Stewardship

Product stewardship is an environmental management strategy guided by the principle that whoever designs, produces, sells, or uses a product takes responsibility for minimizing that product's environmental impact. The Product Stewardship model is comprised of several key players working together to ensure that products no longer being used by consumers are managed in an environmentally friendly manner.

There are currently twelve stewardship organizations operating in British Columbia, with more slated to start operation every year. The increase in product stewardship agencies is primarily due to the BC Government's commitment to the CCME Canada Wide Action Plan. The next 4 to 7 years could see between 20 to 25 stewardship agencies in total operating in BC.

Stewards in British Columbia are very fortunate in having a flexible, performance-based regulatory framework within which to operate. BC Stewards recognize that with the benefits to set fees and have minimal provincial government involvement in operational details comes a responsibility to work together. Combining our efforts has been instrumental in formalizing and delivering the joint initiatives for this group.

This website represents the stewards – the companies and agencies appointed by the provincial government — responsible for managing product stewardship programs throughout British Columbia.