BC Recycles Pamphlet

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As all printer defaults settings are different, here are the recommended settings for printing:

  1. If your printer is able to print double-sided, please select this option.

    Depending on your printer you may be able to select a duplex option. Print “Top to Top” or select “Flip Side”.

  2. If your printer does not print double-sided, please follow the instructions below:

    Print page 1 first, flip the page back into your printer with the white side of the sheet facing up and top of the sheet at the back of the tray. Then print page 2.

  3. Do not select the option to “fit to page”.
  4. Select “Normal Margins”.
  5. Ensure you are printing the document in colour.

Acrobat Document: BCR_2020_Pamphlet_no_crops_FINAL.pdf - 605,596 bytes