Industry Product Stewardship

Recycling Council of British Columbia


    The Recycling Council of British Columbia is a multi-sectoral, non-profit organization promoting the principles of zero waste through information services, research and the exchange of ideas. RCBC operates a Recycling Hotline, answering more than 120,000 questions from callers around BC each year. They also developed Recyclopedia, an online resource that allows you to easily find locations where you can recycle certain materials ( The RCBC Materials Exchange Program (MEX) is a free province-wide service facilitating the reuse and recycling of waste products and materials. Find more information about MEX at

British Columbia Product Stewardship Council

The British Columbia Product Stewardship Council (BCPSC) is made up of representatives from British Columbia's Regional Districts, the Recycling Council of British Columbia, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and staff from the BC Ministry of Environment. BCPSC provides information to the provincial government on the effectiveness of existing Industry Product Stewardship programs.

Ministry of Environment Environmental Quality Branch

The Environmental Quality Branch develops legislation and policies to protect air quality, prevent pollution and promote environmental quality. They also address municipal liquid/solid waste and global climate change. The Recycling Regulation requires industry to develop and manage stewardship programs for their products. The branch monitors these programs to ensure that high recovery results and continuous improvements are achieved by each industry.